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To ensure growth of various financial services by creating new products and services in financial sector.

History and Status of Company

JS Global Capital Limited ('the Company') was incorporated as a private limited company on June 28, 2000. However, the Company commenced its operations in May 2003 and name of the Company was changed from JSCL Direct (Private) Limited to Jahangir Siddiqui Capital Markets (Private) Limited. Subsequently, the Company was converted into a public unquoted company and the holding company Jahangir Siddiqui and Company Limited (JSCL) offered its 25% shareholding to the general public for subscription in December 2004 and the Company obtained listing on Karachi Stock Exchange Limited and Islamabad Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited on February 7, 2005.

During 2006-07 the Company issued 10,009,700 shares to Global Investment House K.S.C.C Kuwait, ('Global'). The shares were issued to Global without offering right shares on the basis of a special resolution passed on July 11, 2006. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan vide its letter No. EMD/CI/49/2006-458 dated July 19, 2006 gave its approval in principle to the scheme of the transaction.

During the year 2012, JS Bank Limited (the Bank), a subsidiary of JSCL, acquired 25,525,169 shares of the Company from JSCL and other shareholders against issuance of 185,321,537 shares in lieu thereof. As a result, the principle ownership of the Company was transferred to the Bank. Presently, the Company is a subsidiary of JS Bank Limited.

During the year 2015, three Stock Exchanges namely Karachi Stock Exchange, Lahore Stock Exchange and Islamabad Stock Exchange were integrated into Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). As a result, the Company is a Trading Right Entitlement (TRE) Certificate holder of Pakistan Stock Exchange besides being a member of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange.

The Company operates through Eleven branches: Two in Karachi, Two in Lahore, while one each in Islamabad, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Abbottabad besides head (registered) office based in Karachi.

The registered office of the Company is situated at The Center, 17th & 18th Floor, Plot No. 28, S.B.5, Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi.

Details of permissible business activities / Services

The principal business activities of the Company are Share brokerage, Money Market, Forex, Commodity brokerage, Advisory, Underwriting, Book Runner and Consultancy services. Other activities include investment in a mix of listed and unlisted equity and debt securities and reverse repurchase transactions.




K-07989 (OLD)
0041425 (NEW)





External Auditor

EY Ford Rhodes Chartered Accountants.

Internal Auditor

M/s Deloitte Yousuf Adil & Co. Chartered Accountants
(A member firm of Deloitte)

Legal Advisor

Bawaney & Partners
Ms. Lubna Saleem Pervez


  • Mr. Muhammad Kamran Nasir - Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Junaid Mirza – Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Fahad Muslim – Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Tariq Usman Bhatti – Head of Money Market And Forex
  • Mr. Qasim Ali Shah - Head of International Equity Sales
  • Mr. Khalil Ullah Usmani - Country Head – Equity Sales
  • Mr. Zahid Khurshid - Head of Information Technology
  • Mr. Tanzeel UL Rehman - Head of Risk Management & Compliance
  • Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Masood Khan - Head of Online Trading
  • Mr. Syed Hussain Haider - Head of Research
  • Mr. Syed Mohammad Ali - Head of Commodities
  • Mr. Syed Sufyan Ahmed - Company Secretary
  • Mr. Syed Faran Haider Rizvi - Head of Equity Sales
  • Mr. Azar Ejaz Ateeq - Head of Human Resources & Administrations
  • Mr. Abdul Rauf - Head of Operations


Code of Conduct of JSGCL

PACRA Assigns Broker Management Rating (BMR)


The summary of report is given below and the detail report along with relevant press release of PACRA could be downloaded by clicking link above.

Rating Type Broker Management Rating
Current (December 31, 2018)
Action Initial
Broker Management Rating BMR1
Outlook Stable

JS Global Capital Limited (JSGCL) is ultimately owned by Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Ltd which carries extensive experience in capital markets. JSGCL’s leading market position in the brokerage industry emanating from an established franchise with sizeable and growing market share distinguishes it from other market players. JSGCL’s experienced management team has a strong focus to deliver quality service to its foreign, institutional and retail clients. It offers various value added services to its clients including online trading, research portal and mobile app. A robust IT infrastructure is in place to ensure smooth running of the operations. Strong risk management framework exists with active involvement of the top management to constantly monitor its effectiveness. The rating derives comfort from the Company’s policy prohibiting proprietary trading stocks, thus limiting the market risk and liquidity risk. The rating also reflects strong financial profile with Net Capital Balance of ~PKR 1.7 billion as on September 30, 2018. Going forward, with a focus to provide quality services and continue to be a market leader, the Company is in process of acquiring an internationally acclaimed brokerage house software which will be functional by next year. Moreover, the Company has opened four new branches during the year and plans to continue with its nation-wide expansion in the upcoming year. Also, the Company conducted road shows outside Pakistan during the year and aims to continue with the momentum.

About the Entity

JSGCL, with commercial operations starting in May 2003, carries the legacy of stock brokerage business initiated in the early seventies by Mr. Jahangir Siddiqui. The Company operates through eleven branches with presence in nine cities. Its main activities include brokerage, corporate finance, financial advisory, forex, and money market activities. The company is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). JS Bank Limited (JSBL) and Global Investment House (GHI) are the major shareholders of the Company each holding 67% and 27% stake in JSGCL, respectively. Along with brokerage services, JSGCL provides financial advisory services as well.

PACRA Maintains Entity Rating of JS Global Capital Limited


The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has maintained the long-term and short term entity ratings of JS Global Capital Limited (JSGCL) at “AA” (Double A) and
“A1+” (A One plus) respectively. The ratings denote a very low expectation of credit risk emanating from a very strong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments.

The ratings reflect JSGCL's prominent position in the brokerage industry emanating from an established franchise, large market share, and sound operating platform. The ratings incorporate JSGCL's robust financial profile characterized by its un-leveraged capital structure and strong risk absorption capacity owing to its healthy liquidity profile. The company's investment portfolio, in compliance with its Investment Policy Statement to invest in 'A' and above rated avenues, is dominated by bank placements (rated A+ and above) and spread transactions which provide a stable stream of income. The investment book also remains a secure of comfort amidst inherently volatile brokerage volumes. Moreover, prohibition in proprietary trading in equities limits the company's exposure to market risk. The ratings recognize JSGCL's parentage - JS Bank. JS Group carries extensive experience in capital markets.

The ratings are depended on the company's ability to effectively leverage extended outreach to enhance penetration in the retail market. Herein, augmenting its market share and effective marketing of its on-line platform would further enhance JSGCL's business profile. Moreover, further strengthening of the strong internal control framework and retention and nurturing of key human resources remain imperative for JSGCL.

About the Company: JSGCL commercial operations starting May 2003, carries the legacy of stock brokerage business started in the early seventies by Mr. Jahangir Siddiqui. Its main activities included brokerage, corporate finance, financial advisory and money market transactions. JS Bank Limited (JSBL) is the major share holder of JSGCL holding 67% of the shares. JS Bank is the subsidiary of Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Ltd.

The board of JSGCL comprises eight experienced professionals. Two members represent JSBL. GIH has also nominated three well-qualified and resourceful members. The remaining two members are independent directors. During the period to directors resigned from the board. Mr. Muhammad Kamran Nasir, the CEO, carries over sixteen years of experience in the financial sector. He is supported by an able team.


Address: The Center
17th & 18th Floor,
Plot No. 28, S.B.5,
Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi.
UAN: (+92-21) 111 574 111
Fax: (+92-21) 3280 0167
Authorized Person : Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Masood Khan

Address: Room # 634, 6th Floor, PSX Member Building,
Pakistan Stock Exchange, Stock Exchange Road, Karachi.
Phone: (+92-21) 32427461
Fax: (+92-21) 32462640 - (+92-21) 32415136
Authorized Person : MR. Syed Shakeel Ahmed

Office Suite No. 607 /A, 6th Floor,
Al Ameen Towers, Plot # E-2, Block-10,
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Main NIPA, Karachi.
Phone #34835701-10
Authorized Person : Mr. Osama Yaqoob

Address: Ground Floor, State Life Building # 3,
Thandi Sarak, Hyderabad.
Phone: (+92-22) 2730307-08
Authorized Person : Mr. Ilyas Hussain
Registered Agent with PMEX : Mr. Abdul Latif Memon

Address: G-4, Meezan Executive Tower,
Liaquat Road, Faisalabad.
Phone: (+92-41) 2541900-8
Fax: (+92-41) 2541909
Authorized Person : Mrs. Rakshanda Javed
Registered Agent with PMEX : MR. Hassan Imam Hashmi

Address: 1st Floor, SLIC Building # 34,
The Mall Road, Peshawar Cantt, Peshawar.
Phone: 091-5285221-5
Authorized Person : Mr. Zeeshan Aleem

Address:Room No. 413, 4th Floor,
ISE Towers 55-B, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad.
Phone: (+92-51) 111-574-111
Fax: (+92-51) 2894417
Authorized Person : Mr. Zahid Mahmood
Registered Agent with PMEX : Mr. Syed Ejaz Hyder Rizvi

Address: Plot 135-Y, First Floor, Street #11,
Phase III, DHA, Lahore.
Phone: (+92-42) 35694687-89
Fax: (+92-42) 35694617
Authorized Person : Mr. Muhammad Sherafgan Khan
Registered Agent with PMEX : Syed Mohammad Ali

434 - G/1, 2nd Floor, Johar Town, Lahore.
Phone: (+92-42) 35291023-35291025
Authorized Person : Mr. Ibraheem Abid Mir

Address: Office # 608-A, 6th Floor, United Mall, Plot # 74,
Abdali Road, Multan.
Phone: (+92-61) 4570260-66, 68, 69
Fax: (+92-61) 4570267
Authorized Person : Mr. Mushahid Ishrat
Registered Agent with PMEX : Mr. Muhammad Faheem

Address: Room No.1, 2nd Floor, Zaman Plaza,
Near Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad.
Phone: (+92-0992) 381732/37
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Address: Shop# 1& 2, 1st Floor, Falcon Empire Plaza # 101,
Civic Centre, Phase –IV, Bahria Town, Islamabad.
Phone # 051-5733425
Authorized Person : Mr. Shafquat Ali Shah