How do I open an account with JS Global?

JS Global is offering simple and easy ways to help you for opening an account with us.

You can download the Account Opening Form from “Investor Information” portal of our web site, print it & fill the details and return the same to any of the branches of JS Global.

We would be more than happy to forward the printed Account Opening Form for your convenience through courier. In this respect, please drop an email on Customercare@js.com

Furthermore, should you require any further information / clarification please do not hesitate to send us a request at Customercare@js.com or dial +92 - 21-111574111. Our customer representative will provide you required information.

Following documents must be submitted along with Account Opening Form:

  • Attested copies of Computerized National Identity Card of the Applicant
  • Attested copies of Computerized National Identity Card of the Joint Holder(s) and/or Nominee (if applicable)
  • Attested copies of Passports/CNIC/NICOP of the Applicant, Joint Holder(s) and/or Nominee (in case of non-residents)
  • Copy of the letter of authorization from the Account Holder(s) in favor of the person authorized to trade in my/our Account(s) (if other than the Account Holder)
  • Commission sheet duly signed by the client.
  • Copy of Proof of Employment

Once Account Opening Form is received by JSGCL, the concerned officer will contact you and process the application.

What is the Initial Deposit for opening the account with JS Global?

  • Basic Account (Online Trading without any trader assistance): Rs. 25,000/-
  • Trader Assisted Account: Rs. 100,000/-
  • Student Account: Rs. 10,000/- ( copy of a Valid student ID Card Required)

Where do I send my deposits?

JS Global provides the convenience to its clients to directly deposit cheque/banking instrument issued from client’s own bank account, into JS Global bank account from the nationwide network of JS Bank branches. The client can also forward the crossed cheque / banking instrument issued in the favor of JS Global Capital Limited, at following address.

“JS Global Capital Limited
17th Floor, The Centre,
Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi”

It is important to note that as per PSX regulations, we cannot accept third party cheques or accept cash deposits exceeding Rs. 25,000.

How Can I Withdraw Funds and Shares?

You can use your trading terminal and initiate payment request or an email or a letter requesting payment against your account’s credit balance to JS Global.

Similarly in case of share transfer, write an email or a letter to JS Global and your shares will be transferred as per CDC regulatory framework upon you instructions.

How do I know my trading activity with JS Global?

Please note that the trading activity is conducted through our highly customized risk management system. An automated trade confirmation is forwarded on your registered email address at the end of each trading session. Review your trade confirmation and intimate us within 24 hours if there is any discrepancy.

What is Margin Call?

A Margin Call is generated and forwarded to clients whenever the margin level of a client drops below than the minimum required margin level. The minimum margin level is specified in Account Opening Form and signed by the client.

In case margin requirements are not completed, the open positions of the concerned client are squared as per the instructions specified in Margin Call.

Can I authorize someone to operate my account?

It is highly recommended not to authorize someone else to operate your account on your behalf without knowing the consequences. Keep in mind that such authorization carries risk of misuse of authority by the authorized person and may lead to fraud, for which the Company shall not be responsible.

However, if you want to authorize someone to operate your account, an undertaking on the prescribed format shall be required by JSGCL, which could be requested by send email on Customercare@js.com or by calling on +92-21-111574111.

Can I have access to the Research reports of JS Global?

Yes! You can have direct access to JS Global research portal available on the website of JS Global. Furthermore, research reports are also forwarded on registered email addresses clients for their information.

What is the procedure for closing the Trading Account operates with JS Global?

In order to close your trading account with JS Global, you can make a request via an email or write a letter or visit your particular branch of JS Global where your trading account exists. Your application shall be processed in accordance with relevant regulations and policy of JS Global.